Volunteer Coaches

Volunteer Coaches

Our sports programs rely on parent and community volunteer coaches to help teach, learn, and grow. We greatly appreciate your willingness to volunteer your time. You will have a tremendous positive impact on the players that you coach! As an added bonus, volunteer coaches receive one fee waiver as a benefit of coaching a team. 

What To Do

Please use this page as a resource for rules, regulations, and information. We will provide coaching instruction at our coach’s meeting(s) prior to each season and we will distribute a coach’s manual and information on your league. All that we ask is that you bring a positive, encouraging attitude toward every child and we will help with the rest. To become a coach, please complete the appropriate Youth Sports Volunteer Coach Registration Form for your sport:

Youth Baseball Volunteer Coach Registration Form

Youth Soccer Volunteer Coach Registration Form

Youth Flag Football Volunteer Coach Registration Form

Youth Basketball Volunteer Coach Registration Form

Completed forms are automatically sent to our Youth Sports staff. If you have questions, please email the Youth Sports staff. They are are eager to answer any questions or provide further information about your volunteer coaching experience.