Tacoma DeMolay Sandspit: Master Plan and Phase I Improvement Project

DeMolay Sandspit Nature Preserve

PenMet Parks will develop a master plan to guide the final design for improvements to public access at Tacoma DeMolay Sandspit Park. The Tacoma DeMolay Sandspit Park Master Plan is among the highest priorities in PenMet Parks’ Capital Improvement Plan and Budget.

Project Summary

The scope of this project will address the blockhouse, ADA accessibility upgrades, parking lot, and other site improvements. PenMet Parks is partnering with the Pierce Conservation District and will coordinate this project with their Shoreline Restoration Project.

A preliminary design has been developed by the consultant team for this project. This is included, below.

Learn more about the Tacoma DeMolay Sandspit Park.

Project Schedule

Project PhaseAnticipated Schedule
Planning and Pre-DesignFall 2023 – Spring 2024
Design, Permitting, and ProcurementSummer – Fall 2024
ConstructionSpring – Fall 2025

Project Cost and Funding

A project budget of $1,895,788.72 was approved by the Board of Park Commissioners through Resolution RR2023-002. Funding for this work comes from the capital project fund.


PenMet Parks is working with District residents through public meetings and also coordinating with the Washington Water Trails Association, Harbor WildWatch, Peninsula School District, Pierce County Sheriff’s Department, the Puyallup Tribe, Fox Island Community Recreation Association (FICRA), and others. The first public meeting was held on December 13, and a summary of community and other stakeholder input is included, below.

Background Documents

The Tacoma DeMolay Sandspit was acquired in 2010 by PenMet Parks with a grant from the Recreation Conservation Office (RCO). The purchase agreement and long term obligations required by the grant are included, below, along with property covenants as part of the purchase and sale agreement with the Tacoma DeMolay Chapter.

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