Specialized Recreation

Inclusion takes center stage with our specialized and adaptive recreation programs. Discover a diverse range of activities tailored to accommodate varying abilities, ensuring everyone has the opportunity to thrive and enjoy the transformative power of recreation.

The Harbor Friendship Social

The Harbor Friendship Social is a gathering focused on fostering social connections and community spirit for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Participants will have the opportunity to participate in a variety of indoor and outdoor activities, including creative arts and crafts, collaborative games and enjoying the beauty of community together. 

Move to Music

The Move to Music program is aimed at engaging participants of diverse physical and intellectual disabilities in physical exercise that promote increased feelings of wellness. We will harness the natural motivation music provides our bodies to move, with stretching and strengthening opportunities. Music will be selected based on participants’ interests and movements modified to support individual participants’ strengths.

Happy Feet and Traveling Trails

Seasonal Walking Groups

Join eager walkers of all abilities who enjoy building friendships while being outdoors. Happy Feet is a group that meets during spring to enjoy nature together. Our Traveling Trails program takes place in the summer and guides you through local accessible trails for a delightful, and welcoming outdoor journey for everyone. We will choose trails and set the pace with the group’s capabilities in mind. To enhance our time outdoors, we will incorporate engaging elements such as nature discussions, birdwatching, and sensory-based activities.

Adventure Within Reach

We’re pleased to collaborate with Pierce County Parks Specialized Recreation (PCSR) right here within in our District. Each month, we work together to offer programs uniquely tailored for those with special needs, age 13 and above. Whether virtually or in our local parks and facilities, there are a variety of programs for participants of all ages and abilities right here at home.

Join Us!

For a Specialized Recreation Open House with Pierce County Specialized Recreation on Friday, May 3.

Note: Pierce County Parks is supported by DDA funding and respite money may be used. If using DDA funds, please be sure to mention DDA funds when calling to have a registration processed.

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If you have any questions, comments, or ideas for our Adaptive and Specialized Recreation Programs, please contact us. We would love to hear from you!