Sehmel Homestead Park Turf Replacement

PenMet Parks has been working with SiteWorkshop Landscape Architecture to develop a conceptual plan for the turf replacement at Sehmel Homestead Park.  The scope of the project is to evaluate the existing conditions, recommend drainage solutions and turf replacement product, and assess the most appropriate project delivery method with the overarching goal to provide a high-quality project for our community.

The following items are included in the project: improved sub-turf drainage, monofilament/slit film blend, interchangeable soccer goal, and field goals, revamped field markings, and fencing repairs.  Other items that will be considered depending on the available budget include an improved entrance to the field with site furnishings, a side entrance for access to a storage area, and event power.

Mid-May 2022 Project Update:

  • This project is on schedule and anticipated to be complete and ready for public use end of June.
  • All Demo is complete
  • Subsurface is prepped and awaiting delivery of new turf

Sehmel Homestead Park Turf Replacement Package

Sehmel Homestead Park Turf Photos

Sehmel Homestead Park Turf – As-Builts and Specifications

Sehmel Homestead Park Turf Replacement Q & A