Sehmel Homestead Park Turf Lighting Project


10123 78th Ave NW, Gig Harbor, WA 98332

Background and Overview

SHP Turf Lights have been on the Districts capital projects list since 2013. PenMet conducted an extensive comprehensive planning process in 2018, which included references to the lighting of the SHP turf field.

PenMet conducted public meetings in August of 2019 to share and exchange information and issues related to the lighting project. Project information, Q&A, and citizen comment documents have been previously shared and are on the website.

PenMet submitted a Washington State Recreation and Conservation Office (RCO) grant application for funding from the Youth Athletic Facilities (YAF) category for SHP Turf Lights in 2018. The grant amount of $350,000 was awarded in 2019 and represents the maximum award for the YAF category and almost half of the estimated $723,000 project cost.

At the end of a Request for Qualifications (RFQ) process, the Commission approved Resolution R2019-010 authorizing the Executive Director to sign the Architectural/Engineering Agreement with Cross Engineers, Inc. to design lighting at the Sehmel Homestead Park turf field.

The primary elements of the project include:

  • Four LED directed light standards for the turf field.
  •  Approximately eleven parking area light posts, similar to existing SHP lights, but LED, for the turf-area parking.
  •  Approximately eleven parking area light posts, similar to existing SHP lights, but LED, for the amphitheater-area parking.
  •  Arranging power from the amphitheater area and new restroom area.

Field Lighting

  • As designed, the field lighting portion of the project consisted of four LED, directed light standards for the turf field. The location of the poles was designed for placement just outside the eastern fence line for the field, to be placed outside of the field activity safety zone.

Parking Lighting

  • There are two areas of parking-related to this project which have been designated for safety lighting. The area near the turf field and turf restroom and the amphitheater area.


  • A scoreboard for the Boeing Mariners Care Baseball Field (Field #1) has been on the District’s wish list since the park was built in 2010. Due to cost savings in the project bid, the expense of adding the scoreboard could fit within the project budget. The RCO was consulted and agreed that the scoreboard could also be part of the grant reimbursement. The design and selection of a scoreboard are in process.


The budget for the project ($723,000) comes from capital funding ($605,000), RCO grant ($350,000 reimbursement), and other contributions including Harbor Soccer Club (HSC, $30,000 allocation), Narrows FC ($2,500 allocation), and potentially others. The RCO grant is a reimbursement grant in that after spending the funds, reimbursement documents will be submitted to the RCO.

Project Documents

Project Memo
Bid Tabulation
Addendum #2
Addendum #1
Announcement and Overview
Front End and Electrical Bid Specs
Q & A’s SHP Lighting Project
RFQ PA SHP Lighting Project
Public Comments
Public Meeting Hand Out