Hale Pass Project Timeline and Update

Renovations on the Arletta Schoolhouse at Hale Pass Park are anticipated to start in January 2021, beginning with a Request for Proposal to replace and relocate the well currently on the site. Other upgrades scheduled to begin in spring of 2021 address ADA access for the building and restrooms, ingress and egress, upgrades to plumbing and electrical systems, and building structural improvements. Plans also include revising the building layout so that visitors will not need to exit through a classroom or a restroom. The kitchen and restrooms also will receive significant upgrades.

Driftmier Architects have performed site visits and assessment work. A Hale Pass Renovation Update was shared with the Park Board on March 26, 2020. The assessment documents are available below.

Following several reviews of the assessment, PenMet staff has worked with Driftmier Architects to develop a renovation plan, including schematic design drawings and a cost estimate. The Park Board received briefings on various aspects of the project, including schematic designs and the budget, on March 26, July 7, July 21, and November 17. The current estimate for the project is approximately $1,000,000.
The current estimate is for the work to be complete by the end of July.

The entire park covers over 4 acres, including a ball field, picnic shelter, tennis courts, forest land, and the Arletta Schoolhouse.

Arletta Schoolhouse Plan Set 201028
Hale Pass Renovation Update 200326
HP Schematic Design (Before-After)
HP Facility Assessment Draft 200316
Hales Pass Renovation RFQ Pre-Submittal Mtg
Hales Pass Renovation RFQ Q&A
Public Meeting Handouts
Project Scope RFQ-PA