Peninsula Metropolitan Park District Hosts Levy Renewal Informational Events

This November PenMet Parks residents will vote on a renewal of the District’s park and recreation levy. This renews the same expiring levy from 2017. Renewing the levy would allow PenMet Parks to restore the $.75/$1,000 levy rate approved by voters and provide an annual limit of up to 6% for the next six years (but never to exceed $.75/$1,000 of assessed property value).

Funds would be used for the priorities identified by PenMet Parks’ citizens, including:

  1. Providing, maintaining, and improving parks, facilities, and services.
  2. Developing more access to trails and open spaces, public shorelines, water-based recreation, and park amenities that support multi-generational recreation opportunities.
  3. Enhancing programs and services for our seniors, adults, youth, and vulnerable populations.

PenMet Parks is hosting several presentations to provide information and to answer questions regarding this levy renewal.

Other events will be scheduled later in October and before election day. District residents can visit the levy renewal page on the PenMet Parks website to learn more and to view the schedule of levy renewal informational events.