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The Peninsula Metropolitan Park District (PenMet Parks) is committed to creating, improving, and maintaining high-quality parks and park facilities. This is accomplished through the Districts Capital Facilities Plan (CFP) and the Capital Improvement Plan (CIP). The CFP is part of the District’s long-range planning efforts reviewed every six years. The CIP is part of the District’s short-range planning efforts examined annually. The Capital Plans provide an opportunity to maintain, update, and identify capital projects and acquisitions. Through project planning, the District is able to schedule and identify options for financing in order to create a comprehensive and strategic plan for the future. Please see below for an outline of current projects.

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PenMet Parks Community Recreation Center

Update 12/7/2020

PenMet Parks drafting a Feasibility, Concept Design, and Proforma Report

PenMet Parks is reviewing a preliminary draft of the Feasibility, Concept Design, and Proforma Report. This report, prepared by the design team with significant community input, studied various space types and layouts and contains a recommended program and staffing mix within the project budget, is financially sustainable, and can be expanded in phases.

The PenMet Parks Board of Commissioners reviewed the preliminary draft during a public meeting on December 1, 2020. The design team – led by BLRB Architects and Barker Rinker Seacat (BRS) – plans to incorporate feedback from that meeting into an updated draft that will be reviewed during a public Park Board study session at 4 pm on December 15.

The study began in the summer of 2020. The design team worked closely with the PenMet Board, PenMet staff, community stakeholders on the project Steering Committee, and members of the public. Conducting the project in this manner allows for the development of a facility that directly reflects the indoor recreation programming needs of the PenMet community.

During the program study, there were four steering committee meetings, along with two public meetings to gain insight into the PenMet community’s wants and needs. These meetings were conducted in a virtual environment due to COVID-19. Although this added a challenge to the process, it also spurred opportunities to hear more voices through interactive presentations and activities. These efforts will continue throughout the project so that PenMet ensures the center continues to accurately reflect the community’s needs inside and out.

The study includes an operational analysis and business planning proforma of expenses and revenue potential. This planning is based on educated financial assumptions and projections through detailed market analysis and evaluation of PenMet goals. The proforma, which is currently in development, provides insight and performance information that reflects how PenMet expects to operate the facility from a financial perspective.

The outcome of this study is that there is a high level of confidence that PenMet can support a new community recreation center with the program outlined in this report. Based on the $22 million construction budget, the report recommends building an initial phase of the Community Recreation Center at around 66,400 square feet.

Public comment is welcome. After reviewing the 63-page report, you can share your thoughts or ask questions by emailing

Next steps:
• 4 pm, December 15, 2020: Board of Park Commissioners discussion of the second draft
• 6 pm, January 5, 2021: Board of Park Commissioners is scheduled to vote to approve the final report and proceed to the schematic design phase

Project Documents:

Feasibility and Concept Design
Click here for the final (inclusive of 1 & 2) Addendum #3.
Click here for the RFQ Questions and Answers.

For updates regarding this project, please CLICK HERE.



Hale Pass Park and Arletta Schoolhouse Renovation Project

Update 12/11/2020

Renovations on the Arletta Schoolhouse at Hale Pass Park are anticipated to start in January 2021, beginning with a Request for Proposal to replace and relocate the well currently on the site. Other upgrades scheduled to begin in spring of 2021 address ADA access for the building and restrooms, ingress and egress, upgrades to plumbing and electrical systems, and building structural improvements. Plans also include revising the building layout so that visitors will not need to exit through a classroom or a restroom. The kitchen and restrooms also will receive significant upgrades.

Driftmier Architects have performed site visits and assessment work. A Hale Pass Renovation Update was shared with the Park Board on March 26, 2020. The assessment documents are available below.

Following several reviews of the assessment, PenMet staff has worked with Driftmier Architects to develop a renovation plan, including schematic design drawings and a cost estimate. The Park Board received briefings on various aspects of the project, including schematic designs and the budget, on March 26, July 7, July 21, and November 17. The current estimate for the project is approximately $1,000,000.
The current estimate is for the work to be complete by the end of July.

The entire park covers over 4 acres, including a ball field, picnic shelter, tennis courts, forest land, and the Arletta Schoolhouse.

Project Documents:

Arletta Schoolhouse Plan Set 201028
Hale Pass Renovation Update 200326
HP Schematic Design (Before-After)
HP Facility Assessment Draft 200316
Hales Pass Renovation RFQ Pre-Submittal Mtg
Hales Pass Renovation RFQ Q&A
Project Scope RFQ-PA



Sehmel Homestead Park Turf Lighting Project

Updated 12/11/2020

PenMet completed the SHP Turf Lighting Project in March, 2020 (10123 78th Ave NW, Gig Harbor, WA 98332).

The primary elements of the project included:

• Four LED directed light standards for the turf field.
• Eleven parking area light posts, similar to existing SHP lights, but LED, for the turf-area parking.
• Eleven parking area light posts, similar to existing SHP lights, but LED, for the amphitheater-area parking.
• Arranging power from the amphitheater area and new restroom area.
• A scoreboard for the Boeing Mariners Care Baseball Field (Field #1) was added to the project through cost savings in the project bid, and was installed in May-June, 2020.

PenMet submitted a Washington State Recreation and Conservation Office (RCO) grant application for funding from the Youth Athletic Facilities (YAF) category for SHP Turf Lights in 2018. The final project cost was $635,596.94, and the RCO reimbursement was $304,529.68.
Additional details on this project are available in the following Final Project Update.

Project Documents

Project Memo
Bid Tabulation
Addendum #2
Addendum #1
Announcement and Overview
Front End and Electrical Bid Specs
Q & A’s SHP Lighting Project
RFQ PA SHP Lighting Project
Public Comments
Public Meeting Hand Out

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