Nature Preserve Reminder

The Peninsula Metropolitan Park District would like to take the time to remind visitors the DeMolay Sandspit, Fox Island WA (also known as Bella Bella Beach) is a Nature Preserve.

Although there is limited public beach access in the greater Gig Harbor/Fox Island area, the use of the Sandspit and Nature Preserve is intended to allow low impact activity with special care given to protecting vegetation and wildlife. Off-leash dogs running on the sandspit and vegetation (prohibited) is a serious concern expressed by the biologists consulted.

Remember, access to the nature preserve is dependent on how the site is impacted by the use and how the rules are followed. With overuse, abuse, and continued complaints, PenMet Parks will not be able to maintain the integrity of the preservation.

Peninsula Metropolitan Park District welcomes visitors to explore new beach access parks in the area, such as Narrows Park and Sunrise Beach Park.

The District will be installing additional security measures to ensure there is no illegal parking and District Park Property and Nature Preserve regulations are followed.

  • Leave natural items where you find them
  • No parking on the roadway
  • Alcohol is prohibited
  • Do not trespass on neighbors’ property
  • Picking up after dogs
  • No open flames
  • Fireworks are prohibited

PenMet will be observing the effects of this use and will adjust the rules and attendance limitations as necessary to continue the protection of the property and adhere to good neighbor standards.

Parking is allowed in the area above the entrance. There will be no parking on the roadway in the immediate area of the preserve as indicated by signs, access will be by drop-off or walk-in from legal parking locations elsewhere. It is important to respect the private property owners in the area by only parking lawfully.

Please respect the preserve it is in the best interest of everyone to protect this sensitive piece of Fox Island.