Who We Are

On May 18, 2004, the Peninsula Metropolitan Park District was formed—and the opportunities this would create for those living and visiting the Gig Harbor Peninsula would soon flourish.

For nearly 19 years, the Park District has provided for the management, control, improvements, maintenance and acquisition of parks and recreation facilities within the area of unincorporated Pierce County west of the Tacoma Narrows Bridge and east of the Purdy Bridge (excluding the City of Gig Harbor).

Our Mission

The mission of the Peninsula Metropolitan Park District is to enhance the quality of life by providing parks and recreation opportunities for our community.

Our Vision

Craft Partnerships
To provide park and recreation opportunities for our constituents through partnerships with Peninsula School District, City of Gig Harbor, Pierce County, Washington State, Key Pen Parks, and other public agencies or private organizations.

Acquire Assets
To acquire land, facilities, and other park assets necessary to provide high-quality recreational opportunities; and to employ a decision-making process that is transparent, predictable, and consistent with community planning.

Develop and Maintain high-quality Facilities and Services
To build and maintain high-quality facilities and services consistent with community planning.

Preserve Open Space
To preserve open space consistent with community planning.

Promote Health and Wellness
To provide park and recreational opportunities for our constituents by promoting and providing healthy choices in physical fitness that foster a more active lifestyle and better nutritional choices.

Provide Diverse Recreational Programs
To facilitate or provide diverse recreational opportunities, consistent with community planning, for all members of our community.

Prudent Management of District Funds
To ensure the District’s ability to provide high-quality operations and maintenance within taxing authority. To maximize the use of tax revenues by using other resources such as grants, user fees, and volunteers. To create and manage reserves for contingencies and capital projects.

Trail Planning and Connections
Connect and expand the system of bicycle, walking and hiking trails across the Peninsula using regional, local and park trails

PenMet Parks Strategic Plan

PenMet Parks’ Strategic Plan cements our commitment to enhancing the quality of life through the parks and recreation opportunities that we provide for our community. Centered around our mission, vision, and values, the strategic themes, initiatives, and objectives contained within this plan will steer the District into the future as we advance our vision to be a leader promoting health and well-being in a thriving community. Thank you for entrusting us with this vital work.

Gig Harbor Chamber of Commerce Public Affairs Forum Presentation