Fox Island Fishing Pier

Fox Island Fishing Pier Park

As part of the organization’s strategic priorities, capital improvements for the Fox Island Fishing Pier are planned. The projects include installing a pre-fabricated picnic shelter, replacing the asphalt pathways, and improving the pathway to the beach. Finally, the improvements will include installation of an automated gate at the park entrance.

Project Summary

The scope of this project will address access throughout the park, making it easier for people of all abilities to visit the pier and the shoreline. Improvements planned include the following:

  • Replace the existing asphalt walkway and the handrail with an ADA-compliant design. The goal is ensure these paths are physically accessible to people with disabilities.
  • Similar improvements to the hand launch watercraft path. Work includes grading the walkway.
  • Install a new picnic shelter above the pier, in the grassy area beyond the parking lot.
  • Access control by installing new automated vehicle gates at the park entrance.

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Project Schedule

Project PhaseAnticipated Start
Planning and Pre-DesignFall 2023 – Spring 2024
Design, Permitting, and ProcurementSpring 2024 – Fall 2025
ConstructionFall 2025 – Spring/Summer 2026

Project Cost and Funding

This project is part of PenMet Parks’ Capital Improvement Plan. A project budget of $594,400 was approved by Resolution RR2022-011 transferred from the General Fund.