Rental Facilities and Fields

For questions or to book a venue, please contact Aiden Krug at (253) 313-5090 or [email protected]

Volunteer Vern Pavilion

The Volunteer Vern Pavilion features beautiful roll-away doors that create a seamless indoor/outdoor experience, allowing your guests to enjoy the fresh air and beautiful scenery while still being sheltered from the elements. With a capacity of 120 people, the space is ideal for a wide range of events. The outdoor arbor provides a charming backdrop for photos.

Arletta Schoolhouse

The Arletta Schoolhouse at Hales Pass Park was recently renovated and is the perfect venue for meetings and special gatherings! With a capacity of 78 people, the space is ideal for a wide range of events — whether retreats, weddings, family reunions and much, more.

Rosedale Hall


Looking for the perfect venue to host your intimate event? Look no further than Rosedale Hall! With a cozy capacity of 60 people, our facility offers huge possibilities for weddings, birthday parties, anniversary celebrations, and even family reunions. Learn more about our Rosedale Hall renovation.

Picnic Areas

Picnic Shelters & Areas

Looking for a unique and stunning location to host your next picnic or gathering? Look no further than our park picnic areas. With playgrounds and ball fields close by, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. All of our picnic shelters and areas come complete with picnic tables, ensuring that your event is both comfortable and convenient.

Sport Courts

If you’re looking for great courts to play tennis, basketball, or even pickleball, we’ve got you covered! At Sehmel Homestead Park, you’ll find two tennis courts and a basketball court, perfect for a wide range of activities. Both the tennis and basketball courts at Sehmel Homestead Park and Hales Pass Park are also lined for pickleball, ensuring that you have even more options for fun and exercise.

Rosedale Hall Park offers two tennis courts and a half basketball court, providing another great option. No matter which of our parks you choose, you can be sure that our courts are well-maintained and ready for action. Book your next match or practice today!

Athletic Fields

Looking for the perfect field for your sports team? Look no further than our top-notch facilities, boasting five baseball fields and a multi-use football/soccer field equipped with lights for night games.