District PROS Plan

Much like ideas from the community guided our Strategic Plan in 2022, The District now needs ideas for the new PROS Plan! Thank you to everyone who has taken the survey thus far – there is now an Ideas Wall, Interactive Map, and Open Forum for the community to share thoughts; join in here: https://berrydunn.mysocialpinpoint.com/penmet-parks-wa-pros-master-plan

The Peninsula Metropolitan Park District 2023 annual operating budget allocates funding to develop an updated comprehensive Parks, Recreation, and Open Space (PROS) plan. The purpose of the PROS Plan is to identify community priorities for parks, recreation, and open space. It is updated periodically, but at least every six years. The current PROS plan was completed in 2018.

The PROS plan update began in January 2023 and is planned to be completed in approximately eight months. There are five phases of work outlined in the proposed scope of work with 15 deliverables that are shown as date-specific project milestones. The deliverables include Level of Service Analysis and Mapping, a Recreation Program Assessment Report, and an Operation and Maintenance Assessment to be completed by June, coinciding with District budget planning. The PROS plan is anticipated to be completed in August 2023.

Upcoming Meetings:

We are excited to share information and news related to this project. For questions or inquiries please contact: Denis Ryan, Director of Parks Services – [email protected]