Dedicated Senior Space Feasibility Study

PenMet Parks is studying the feasibility of developing and operating a dedicated space for seniors in the community. Feasibility studies are a necessary first step in planning public facilities in order to inform the community regarding demand, interests, design options, and estimates of cost. These studies will be conducted through an open public process with community leaders to advise professional consultants.

Meetings and Community Input

A series of open community meetings have been held regarding the feasibility of developing a dedicated senior space in the community, with virtual and in-person options for participation.

We are excited to invite the community to attend the fourth feasibility meeting for the creation of a dedicated senior space within our community. Your input and participation throughout this journey have been invaluable. This meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, August 22, 4:30–5:30 PM, at the Arletta Schoolhouse at Hales Pass Park.

During this meeting, we will present the comprehensive findings and analysis that have been gathered during the feasibility study for the dedicated senior space and provide an overview of the draft feasibility report being prepared for the Board of Park Commissioners’ consideration. This public engagement is intended to provide the opportunity for both our committee members and the public to offer any additional feedback.

If you wish to attend this event virtually, we have set up a Zoom webinar so that you can easily join this meeting from your phone or computer.

Goals for the studies:

  • Study the feasibility of dedicated space for seniors.
  • Evaluate the most feasible spaces on three different physical sites, including the Peninsula Gardens site (5507 Wollochet Drive).
  • Identify various means to address community interests and demands.
  • Present related industry trends and best practices regarding public facilities.
  • Propose and evaluate various design considerations for public spaces.
  • Identify development and operational costs for the most feasible spaces.
  • Present a final report to the community and to PenMet Parks Board of Park Commissioners, with study conclusions and next step recommendations.

Prior open community meetings included:

  • April 24, 4:30-5:45 PM, Senior Steering Committee meeting and 6-7:15 PM, Senior Community Meeting

Project Timeline and Deliverables

  • Fall 2022: studies began
  • Winter 2023: Steering Committee Appointments
  • Spring 2023: Steering Committee and Community Meetings
  • Meetings are on Mondays, They are primarily held virtually but there is an in-person viewing option.
    • February 27th: Meeting #1: Site Analysis/Program Development
    • April 24th: Meeting #2 and Public Workshops: Concept Refinement on April 25th
    • June 26th, Meeting #3 Capital and Maintenance Analysis
  • Fall 2023: Reports Complete and Presented to PenMet Parks Board of Park Commissioners

For more information

We are excited to share information and news related to this project. If you have questions, please contact Denis Ryan, Director of Park Services.