Announcing Community Feasibility Studies for a Public Senior Space and for a Public Aquatic Space

PenMet Parks is studying the feasibility of developing and operating a dedicated space for seniors and an aquatics facility for the community. Feasibility studies are a necessary first step in planning public facilities in order to inform the community regarding demand, interests, design options, and estimates of cost.  This study will be conducted through an open public process with community leadership to advise professional consultants.

Members of the community are invited to submit applications for the open positions on the Steering Committees, either online or by requesting a paper form from [email protected]. The deadline to apply for the Steering Committee is Thursday, December 15th.

Applicants will be evaluated by their ability to contribute to project goals and their representation of the community.  The PenMet Park Board of Commissioners will fully consider applications and make the official appointment in January 2023.  Committees are expected to meet three times for two-hour meetings, likely every other month, beginning in February.

Click here for the project webpage.

Introducing the PenMet Parks Community Park Request App

PenMet Parks is pleased to introduce a new way to communicate maintenance needs using the community park maintenance request system. You are now able to simply and seamlessly submit and track park maintenance requests from your computer or mobile device.

With the community park maintenance request system you can:

  • Identify locations and submit photos to communicate park maintenance requests and issues.
  • Conveniently check or track the status using your computer or mobile device.
  • Be notified each time the status changes until the request is closed.

To access the community park maintenance request system:

This new tool will enhance the response time to maintenance needs and improve the community experience through consistent and transparent communication.

Create an account

Community Park Maintenance Request System FAQs

Learn more: Registering and Logging In

Learn more: Submitting and Viewing a Maintenance Request

Increased Staffing at the DeMolay Sandspit Begins for the Summer

The Tacoma DeMolay Sandspit (Bella Bella Beach) sees increased use during the summer, and for good reason. Its beautiful setting, incredible views, and opportunities for saltwater access create a unique environment to enjoy long, warm days. During these high use times, usually Memorial Day through Labor Day, PenMet Parks provides an on-site attendant to provide the best experience for patrons and neighbors of the DeMolay Sandspit.

PenMet Parks has engaged a private staffing firm to act as an on-site park attendant to educate visitors on park regulations, enforce regulations, and serve as a resource for patrons during the peak summer season at the DeMolay Sandspit on an as-needed basis since 2018. The on-site attendant also monitors and manages parking to help ensure cars park in designated areas, not on the roadway. In 2022, PenMet Parks contracted with Seattle’s Finest Security & Traffic Control to provide this service from Memorial Day through Labor Day. New this year, the firm will also lock the gates each night at both the Sandspit and the Fox Island Fishing Pier.

You can find more information about the Sandspit at If you have any questions or wish to share feedback, please call PenMet Parks at (253) 858-3400 or email [email protected]. For assistance with urgent park issues outside of normal business hours, please call (253) 255-0555.

The DeMolay Sandspit is a special place. You can help make sure everyone can enjoy it by:

  • Parking only in designated areas along the fence or in the parking lot, and refraining from parking on Bella Bella Drive.
  • Leaving natural items where you found them.
  • Keep pets on a leash at all times.
  • Alcohol, open flames and fireworks are prohibited.
  • Do not trespass onto neighboring properties.

Community Recreation Center Open House

Join us for an evening of discussion about the design of the planned PenMet Parks Community Recreation Center. PenMet Parks is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting on Wednesday, January 26, 2022, at 6:00 pm.

There will be an update on the design progress and opportunities to ask questions.

The meeting will begin at 6:00 pm and run until around 7:00 pm.

We look forward to your participation!

Open House Agenda:

  • CRC Design Progress Information Session
  • Q&A

Please click the link below to join the webinar:
Passcode: 313625

Or Telephone: US: +1 253 215 8782 

Webinar ID: 831 6808 6081

For information or questions, please contact [email protected] or 253-858-3400

Strategic Planning Professional Services

PenMet Parks is a mission-driven metropolitan park district that is intentionally positioning itself to optimally meet the current and future needs of the community. The elected Board of Park Commissioners provides leadership and policy direction, and has
adopted strategic goals and objectives for 2022 as recommended by the Executive Director.

The District is currently in a period of transition. Many of the adopted goals and objectives are foundational in nature in order to establish sustainable and functional systems that will elevate the parks and recreation services PenMet Parks provides for the community. The District is developing a 65,000 square foot indoor Community Recreation Center, which will result in additional organizational growth and transformation. We anticipate community demand for high-quality park and recreation services will continue. Within the last year senior staff leadership roles in all divisions of the organization have been permanently filled.

PenMet Parks desires to create a multi-year strategic plan to serve as a guide as the District moves forward into its next era. PenMet Parks last created a multi-year strategic plan in 2004, and it annually develops strategic goals and objectives. In addition, the District updates its Parks, Recreation, and Open Space (PROS) Plan periodically, with the last update in 2018 and the next update planned for 2022. Each of these processes provide an opportunity to identify functional shorter-term goals and objectives to advance the mission, vision, and strategic initiatives that are developed as part of the strategic plan.

The strategic planning process should reaffirm the mission of PenMet Parks, develop a compelling vision statement with community stakeholder input, define the District’s core values, and identify overarching strategic initiatives that must be undertaken in order to achieve the vision. The strategic plan will be used as a tool to steer the District, including decision making, policy development, developing annual strategic goals and objectives, developing planning documents including the PROS plan, and creating and implementing divisional work plans. The plan is expected to be a living document that informs decision-making at all levels of the organization. It is imperative that the plan is developed and communicated to foster a strategic culture of ownership and accountability in all facets of the organization.

The District plans to embark on a significant planning and community engagement effort later in 2022 to define and prioritize community need related to parks and recreation services as part of its PROS plan update. The strategic plan will establish PenMet Parks’ mission, vision, core values, and strategic initiatives to be used as the foundation for that effort. The PROS plan will continue the work of the strategic plan by translating the organizational strategic initiatives into functional goals and objectives.

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