Agents of Discovery

Your mission, should you decide to accept it, is to discover and explore with PenMet Parks!

Did you know PenMet Parks is home to old-growth trees, abundant wildlife, and rich with history? It’s true! We have launched a new program that gives you a way to explore our parks through the Agents of Discovery mobile app. Complete the Missions and win a prize! (see below for details)

What is Agents of Discovery?

Agents of Discovery is a platform to bring children and families a brand-new adventure. Parks are transforming into an engaging, active, and safe learning environment. Agents of Discovery is an educational mobile gaming platform to create augmented reality missions at three different parks for September. You can look forward to a rotating schedule of parks each month.

How do you play?

Download the Agents of Discovery app in the Apple App Store or Google Play and play your Missions in real-time. Missions are free to play and, once downloaded, do not require Wi-Fi or a data connection. The app has several of its own features that make exploring fun, easy and educational. Make sure you create an account and stay logged in so you can track your challenges and redeem your prize.

Each Location and Mission includes a series of challenges activated through GPS when you visit certain areas in the park. Some of these challenges will be hidden at first, but they will pop up on the mission screen as you walk around the park and get close enough to the location of each marker. When they appear, tap on the marker to begin the challenge. You will be asked to solve a problem or answer a question. For each completed challenge, you’ll receive points, up to a total of three, you will receive up to three points based on your response accuracy.

Win prizes!

Once finished, users can claim a prize! Complete all three missions, send a screenshot to [email protected], and pick up your prize at PenMet Parks Administration Office.