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  • Additional Features
    • Restrooms, Parking – Paved, Dog Bags, Picnic Tables, Mile Markers

Hours: 7a.m. to Dusk

Location: From 14th to the Kimball Park & Ride 
(excluding City ROW and Park), Gig Harbor

Warning: Do not leave valuables in car. Not recommended after dusk.

Description:  The Cushman Trail is approximately 5 miles of non-motorized public trail with a 16- foot wide paved asphalt surface to accommodate walkers, roller bladders, and bicyclists. PenMet Parks currently maintains the first 2 miles of the trail.

Trailhead parking areas are located on 14th Avenue NW, Hollycroft Way, Kimball Drive (Next to the Kimball Drive Park & Ride Lot) and Grandview Street. The trail currently ends at 96th Street NW (off Burnham Drive). There are two restrooms, one each at Grandview and Hollycroft. Along the path, visitors will find bike racks, benches, and picnic tables.

Park Rules: Please see the attached link for PenMet Parks Park Use Regulations.

For any questions, please contact us at 253-858-3400.


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