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PenMet Parks is preparing to update the District’s Comprehensive Park, Recreation, and Open Space Plan.

The process involves public input and we are seeking community members to serve on a variety of Focus Groups. 

Focus Groups will meet in the coming months, either at a public location like PenMet offices, or at a Focus Group Member’s home. 

If you would like to be involved in the 2018 Update, please e-mail and indicate which focus group(s) you’d like to attend using the codes in the table below.

Also, please pass along any names of individuals who you think would be good candidates for inclusion in this process.

This is your park district, and you help make projects like this successful.

Thank you for your involvement.

There will be several additional opportunities for you to participate, including a survey, public meetings, stakeholder discussions and an online community forum. This process gives us an excellent opportunity to identify ways in which to best serve the recreational needs of our growing community over the next six to ten years.

Final review and adoption of the new Plan tentatively is scheduled for February 2018.

Check back for more information about public meetings and other outreach.

Tentative Proposed Schedule


Focus Group

Meeting Date/Time/Location


Arts (Performing, Visual)

Thur 4/13, 6:30-8pm, Hoppen's, 8133 Shirley Ave


Biking - Roads, BMX; Skating, Boards, Blades

Week Of 5/4, 6-8pm, VV Pavilion SHP


Courts & Fields - Indoor & Outdoor

Week Of 5/11, 6-8pm, VV Pavilion SHP


Dog Parks, Equestrian

Week Of 4/18, 6-8pm, VV Pavilion SHP


Endowments & Fundraising

Thur 4/20, 6:00-8pm, Filson, 4916 101st Ave CT NW


Facility Providers, Partnerships, Fees & Charges

4/6/17, 1-3pm, VV Pavilion SHP


Gardening, Farmers' Market

Week Of 4/27, 6-8pm, VV Pavilion SHP


Open Space, Preservation, Habitat

Tue 4/4, 6-8pm, VV Pavilion SHP


Playgrounds, Special Needs

Week Of 4/26, 6-8pm, VV Pavilion SHP


Recreation Programming, Youth, Seniors, Events

Tue 5/9, 6:00pm, VV Pavilion SHP


Swimming, Water Activities, Pools, Spray Parks

Week Of 4/11, 6-8pm, VV Pavilion SHP


Trails & Running

Week Of 5/2, 6-8pm, VV Pavilion SHP



Week Of 5/3, 6-8pm, VV Pavilion SHP


Water Access

Week Of 5/10, 6-8pm, VV Pavilion SHP


Volunteer Vern Pavilion,

Sehmel Homestead Park

10123 - 78th Ave NW

Community Survey (2016)

The District conducted a 400-person phone survey during April 2016 to help establish priorities for the future development of parks and recreation facilities, programs and services within the community. pdf16-5653_PenMet_Report_-_10.pdf03/03/2017, 15:01

Current Comprehensive Parks, Recreation and Open Space Plan (2012)

The 2012-2018 Comprehensive Plan has been the District’s guiding policy document for the past six years. The plan has been a critical tool in directing the District’s growth and development in areas of capital projects, programs, facilities and parks. pdf View the full 2012 Comprehensive Plan.

This project webpage will provide updates on the planning process, public meeting schedule, surveys, and more. For more information, call 253-858-3400.

PenMet Parks Administration Office:
10123 78th Ave NW  Gig Harbor, WA 98332
Phone: 253-858-3400

PenMet Indoor Soccer Center / Recreation Office:
2002 36th St NW, Gig Harbor, WA 98335
(no mail received at this address)
Phone: 253-530-0722

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